Hair Product PSA

My hair has been doing hellish things lately. Every cuticle is damaged, every end is split. I’ve taken to just pulling it up in a ponytail every day and trying to forget about it. But I’m pretty sure my cheerleader pony has jumped the shark. I am a grown-ass human adult, time for me to woman up and learn to do my hair like a normal.

Me being me, instead of dealing with the problem head on, I’m choosing to skirt the actual issue (haven’t had a professional haircut in at least five years) by covering it up. I’ve heard amazing things about Moroccanoil, but there is no way in hell I am spending $40 for a hair product. Luckily, there is always Target, my one true love.

I bought the above Organix version for like $7. Although, can we talk about the size of the box for a minute? Because it is at least two inches larger than the actual product. This seems like false advertising to me. Do not like. Yes, I know it says 3.3 ounces on the box, but…still. I feel duped.

Anyway, I had been using this product previously–

It sucks. Do not buy it. It made my hair feel really dirty and disgusting, like there was some sort of film on it. I will never be able to express the intense hatred I feel for this product, so I’m going to stop trying. But I haven’t used that devil potion since buying the Organix oil, and I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my hair. The split ends are still there in all their glory (guess I really will have to get a cut eventually), but everything looks smoother and shinier. I’ve actually worn my hair down down once or twice and haven’t recoiled in horror upon seeing my reflection in the bathroom mirror. One baby step closer to Kardashian hair (oh shut up, you know you want it too), aka WORTH THE $7.

[I’m very proud that I lasted the entire post without mentioning that this product is called ‘penetrating oil.’ Do with that what you will.]


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