Friends With Kids

As an avid Parks and Recreation watcher (and a warm-blooded female…), it follows that I have a huge crush on Ben Wyatt, aka Adam Scott. I mean, how cute is he? Very. I’m not saying I saw the movie Friends With Kids solely because he plays the main male character, but it certainly helped get me to the theater. Unfortunately, that Ben Wyatt let me down in a big way.

The gist. Ben Wyatt and Jennifer Westfeldt play Jason and Julie, who are bff. Totes platonic, of course. All of their married friends start poppin’ out dem babies and fighting with each other and not having time to hang out anymore. WHAT? People with babies are busy? Thank you, Friends With Kids, for opening up my eyes!

And, although they don’t even seem to like their friends’ children all that much, Jason and Julie decide they want babies too, but they don’t want all the messy marriage dramz that comes with it. They decide to do the only logical thing and have a baby together without actually becoming a couple. Brilliant. What could go wrong? Nothing, not ever!

Ugh. Besides being predictable, this movie was just not funny. I wasn’t expecting anything amazing, but considering the cast is basically Bridesmaids revisited, I thought I’d at least laugh once or twice. But no. I was completely distracted by the dearth of chemistry between Ben Wyatt and Jennifer Westfeldt. As much as I love him on Parks and Rec, I really think he was miscast in this role. His character was supposed to be kind of a dick, but I didn’t buy it. He’s just so lil’ and…Ben Wyatt! The douchebaggery did not compute.


Friends With Kids: Miscellaneous Notes


  • Bridesmaids cast
  • Jon Hamm (and Ben Wyatt and Ed Burns)
  • Jason and Julie’s baby is unfairly adorable


  • Megan Fox as Megan Fox, essentially


  • Script is nonsensical (plot line is mediocre at best, but what really bothered me is the fact that Jason kept calling Julie “doll.” I cannot.)
  • Jon Hamm’s BEARD
  • Overuse of phrase “cavernous vagina”
  • Obligatory baby diarrhea

Overall: No. Save those dolla billz.


2 responses to “Friends With Kids

  1. There wasn’t anything here that made me laugh-out-loud but there was definitely just enough of insight and good performances to hold me over. However, when you have 4 of the main cast members from the biggest comedy of last year, it’s kind of lame to give them really nothing funny to do or say. Good review.

    • Beverly

      I agree, the supporting roles definitely could have been bulked up a bit. I mean, what movie wouldn’t benefit from a little more Kristen Wiig action?

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