Magic Mike

Oh, you know I saw it. A while ago, actually. I was sorely tempted to see the midnight showing on Thursday, but decided to be a grown up about it (hi this bitch has a job) and went on the weekend.

Let’s be real, that shit was terrible. The plotline and the dialogue and Alex Pettyfer’s facial hair. And lolz at Mike’s “custom furniture.” BUT. DEM BODIES. Yeah, hearty thumbs up.



I’m late to the party, but let me just throw it out there: I’M SAD THEY’RE OVER. I really thought those two would make it. They were so wrong it was RIGHT. I’m sure Suri’s fashions and Tom’s hotness (dude’s aged in reverse and looks fuckin’ FINE don’t even try to deny) had a hand in their increased likeability. Still. In mourning over here.